Published On: Fri, May 26th, 2017

Yuctan Wal-Mart employees expected to strike Saturday over profit sharing

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Wal-Mart didn’t give its employees the corresponding profit sharing.

MERIDA — Employees of the Walmart and Bodega Aurrerá chains, both in Merida and Motul, called for a strike on Saturday May 27, because they received only between 180 and 400 pesos as profit sharing (a mandatory annual payment that enterprises must do for their employees in Mexico). According to their lawyers, the employees should have received at least one thousand pesos.

(Photo: Google)

(Photo: Google)

The federal delegate of the Secretary of Labor in Yucatan, Ricardo Béjar Herrera, indicated that they are monitoring the companies to remind them that they must pay this benefit for the workers. He indicated that the number of employees that have come to the Federal Attorney’s Office of Labor Defense (Peofedet) this year is large, in search of advice regarding this benefit, since more than half of the companies in Yucatán have not yet deposited the profits or were declared “without profits”, meaning they will not provide such payment.

“As of May 31, companies that do not comply with this payment, despite having obtained financial profits in fiscal year 2016, will be awarded a penalty ranging from 250 to five thousand pesos minimum wages,” he said.

Béjar Herrera said that such payment can only be made with cash and not through merchandise, vouchers, tokens or any other representative sign with which it is intended to replace the currency.




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