Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Yucatan Telmex workers prepare for strike

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MERIDA — On May 12, just over 60,000 telephone operators are prepared for a national strike, affecting thousands of Telmex customers in the country. In Yucatan state more than 1,500 union members will join the strike on May 12, said Marcial Basulto Graniel, secretary general of the National Union of Telephone Workers of the Republic, section 29 Yucatan.

(Photo: La Verdad)

Telmex headquarters in downtown Merida. (Photo: La Verdad)

He pointed out that the Federal Institute of Telecommunications asked Telmex to divide itself into two companies. If so, the National Union of Workers would be divided, so they do not agree with that proposal. The union’s national leader, Francisco Hernández Juárez, is in talks with the Federal Communications Institute and with Telmex to address this issue.

If there is a division of companies in Telmex, thousands of telephone operators will be divided, in the case of Yucatan, more than 500 would be affected.

Basulto Graniel said the problem is that by dividing the companies, the union will be fractioned, so some employees will enjoy trade union protection but others will not, therefore, we are not in favor of that federal proposal, and not reaching an agreement that could end with a suspension of work.




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