Published On: Sun, Jun 4th, 2017

Yucatan State Police prevent sale of stolen cars in Merida

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MERIDA — Elements of the State Police recovered and stored three stolen cars in the car dealership located in Merida’s Supply Center. The vehicles are from Mexico City and State of Mexico. Five people have been arrested.

The cars, whose registry numbers were altered and bore apocryphal documentation, have plates of the state of Campeche; three of the detainees are from that entity and the other two from Veracruz.

(Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

(Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

The vehicles, all 2016 model, are a Nissan Xtrail, a Nissan March and a Volkswagen Vento. The state police operation prevented bona fide car shoppers from being ripped off.

The detainees were 29-year-old K.G.M.M, a woman from Veracruz; and four men: C.E.C.L., 23, of Campeche; C.J.S.M., 32, of Campeche; O.O.C.A., 28, of Veracruz; And L.G.D., 31, of Campeche.




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