Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

Yucatán hosted the National Couchsurfing Meeting 2018

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Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. People use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share their home and hometown with other travelers. Couchsurfers organize regular events in 200,000 cities around the world. There’s always something to do and new friends to meet.

Last weekend, one hundred travelers visited three cenotes in the area of Homun, Yucatán as part of the tour of the state that was held during the Seventh National Couchsurfing Meeting 2018, which took place from November 16 to 19.

The cenotes that were visited in Homún are Bal-mil, Canunchén and Hool Kosom, in an event that was organized exclusively for users of the Couchsurfing app, which allows to exchange accommodations with other people around the world, and promotes cultural exchange.

For months, the people of Homún, who depend on tourism, have rejected the construction and operation of the mega-pig farm -with capacity for 50 thousand animals- of the Porcícola Alimentary Production Company (PAPO).

Among the arguments for those who reject the farm is that there is a risk that pig waste will leak into the aquifer, which would contaminate the cenotes of the area, the water they consume and also affect other municipalities. The farm, however, points out that they have eight different high-tech wastewater treatment systems to clean up the water and prevent filtration.

The three cenotes are managed by local people who are responsible for maintaining and caring for them.

The couchsurfers congregated at the hostel La Casona, and they toured four different bars in Merida. The following day they visited the Homún cenotes, they also went to Izamal and concluded the tour camping in San Crisanto.

On Sunday November 18th, the travelers paid a visit to the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá and participated in a Maya ritual inside a cave in the community of Pisté.

Afterwards, they had lunch in the Maya village of Pujulá, which is a project of Aracely and Sixto Mason, where they witnessed the hurdido (weaving) of hammocks, the manufacture of handmade tortillas and handcrafted instruments, Maya language classes to children and traditional medicine, activities that are carried out in Pujulá with the intention of rescuing the Maya customs and traditions.

Couchsurfing Mexico 2018 meeting (Photo: La Jornada Maya)

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