Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Yucatan and Houston, Texas reinforce their commercial links

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HOUSTON — Currently there are 14 companies from Yucatan that are exporting to the United States and another 33 are in talks to start, and when Pedro Cabrera Quijano of Fundación Produce Yucatán completes a year in September as the link between the two regions, he expects to have 50 companies exporting.

Products from Yucatan (Photo: Google)

Products from Yucatan (Photo: Google)

He indicated that they currently have an office in Houston that seeks to have companies from Yucatan to export to United States, because Americans like what is produced in Yucatan, but they are very demanding.

He explained that if the products that you intend to sell, do not get the correct certification you won’t be able to sell it in the country. You must be careful to be punctual with the appointments that you make.

A few weeks ago the Fair of Yucatan was held in Houston, Texas, and this will be held every year. 33 companies started negotiations there.

He explained that for food certification they are working with the Ministry of Rural Development (Seder) and the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sefoe).

He pointed out that among the new companies that are exporting to the United States since he is in charge of that agency are Anita, Horchata Deliciosa and Coco Maya, among others.

He said that Americans are interested in habanero chile, honey, coconut water, handicrafts, snacks, artisanal beers, vanilla, spicy sauce, liqueurs and guayaberas.




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