Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

Yucatan and Campeche form tourism alliance

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Increased tourist flow will be sought in southeastern Mexico….

CAMPECHE — Yucatan and Campeche have a tourism alliance that can generate greater flow of visitors and overnight stays in both states, according to Campeche officials.

The two states share a very special bond, they share the Maya World; are part of the Peninsula, along with Quintana Roo; and have a range of natural, archaeological, historical, cultural, gastronomic and magical tourist attractions that they can promote and share for the world.

The Campeche Tourism Secretary presented on Thursday September 14 to Yucatecan tourist promoters Campeche’s main destinations and experiences to integrate travel packages that include attractions of the walled area and Ciudad del Carmen, two of its most recognized destinations.

Campeche’s Gulf-front malecon. (PHOTO:

Lucyney Rodríguez Bojórquez, Director of Tourism Promotion of Campeche, emphasized that her State and Yucatán share culture, gastronomy, idioms, history, archeology and the pride of belonging to one of the most beautiful zones of Mexico: the Southeast and the wonderful Mayan World.

The official also pointed out that there is a synergy between the Secretariats of Tourism of both entities and they do not see themselves as rivals, but on the contrary, they are neighbors and brothers with a strength that could increase with the joint work so that tourists arrive in more quantity and stay longer in both states.

Lucyney Rodriguez noted that Yucatan and Campeche have 32 archaeological areas open to the public, which is an impressive amount. Those areas are not only beautiful, but also have a lot of history and culture.

Calakmul (Photo: El Universal, Tourism Campeche)

Both entities have cultural and human heritage as the city of Campeche, Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Calakmul, with the unique title of Mixed Heritage of Humanity in Mexico decreed by Unesco.

“Is not it just to be proud of everything we have and share?” she said. “We do not see ourselves with a rivalry or some disadvantage … we feel strengthened and we can bring more tourists and stay longer.”

The official suggested to the tour operators that they can include in their travel packages or recommendations, visits to the attractions of Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen to strengthen their products.

San Jose Stronghold (Photo: El Universal, Tourism Campeche)

In addition, she explained in detail the best attractions of Campeche:

  • Gastronomic Experience: With rich seafood dishes and regional stews.
  • Pirate Experience: With stories about these characters and the buildings that prevented their entrance to the port.
  • Meeting Tourism Experience: With its two convention centers.
  • Mayan Experience: With its extensive archaeological offer and jungles with rich biodiversity.
  • Colonial Experience: With a Historical Center that inherited the architecture of the Vice-regal era.
  • Adventure experience: With Calakmul biosphere, which is a refuge for jaguars and a nature reserve with 378 species of birds and more than 2,200 plants, orchids and reptiles.
  • Luxury Experience: With its boutique hotels, beautiful restored mansions and golf courses.
  • Sports Experience: With sea, rivers, jungle and sports infrastructure.
  • Cultural Experience: With traditional and international festivities.

“They asked me: why go to Campeche?” she said. “We are brothers, and as it happens between humans, each brother is different. We have the same roots, but with unique things, that makes us special. ”

Campeche, like Yucatan, is one of the safest states in the country, and that is very important for tourists and families because they can walk around the whole city and return later to their lodging in a safe way, she said.




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