Published On: Fri, Jun 11th, 2021

World Prostate Cancer Day; June 11

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On World Prostate Cancer Day, Mexicans are urged to go for periodic check-ups

MEXICO, (June 11, 2021).- In Mexico, prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men. It is estimated that one in seven will be diagnosed with the condition at some point in their life. In a country where around 7,000 men die a year, the urgency for the disease to occupy the conversation of Mexicans and for misinformation to prevent more people from reaching out to specialists in a timely manner has become apparent.

Within the framework of World Prostate Cancer Day, the Mexican Association for the Fight Against Cancer (AMLCC) presented the campaign ” Man is the one who does what he has to do ” in the company of the specialist in Urology, Dr. Hugo Manzanilla. The campaign seeks to create awareness among the male population about the importance of an early diagnosis so that there are more therapeutic opportunities and better perspectives to face the disease.

According to the specialist, early detection of prostate cancer improves the chances of dealing with it. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that every man over the age of 40 see a health professional for guidance and a prostate examination.

Early detection

“Prostate cancer can be detected thanks to the prostate antigen test, but the test that confirms a diagnosis is the digital rectal examination. And it is that 80% of the prostate, where the tumors grow, is within the reach of the finger of the treating physician ”, highlighted Dr. Manzanilla. In his opinion, “it is a procedure that lasts only 15 seconds, but it can change the lives of men and their families forever.”

Unfortunately, the Mexican idiosyncrasy has perpetuated the belief that digital rectal examination affects virility. For this reason, many men refuse to undergo the study. Some experts estimate that out of every 100 Mexicans, only four agreed to undergo this examination.

In her participation, Mayra Galindo, director of the AMLCC, commented that “in Mexico, most men do not undergo studies for the timely detection of this cancer, either because of fear, ignorance, because they do not have access to tests of laboratory and even by attitudes of ‘macho’ and that “nothing happens.” So the disease is usually detected in an advanced stage, limiting the treatments and the possibilities of being cured ”.

Pact Against Prostate Cancer

During the launch event, Leticia Aguiar Green, representative of the Latin American Movement against Prostate Cancer (MOLACAP), invited the media and attendees in general to sign the  ‘Pact Against Prostate Cancer’, which seeks to eliminate the barriers that prostate cancer patients face to receive quality care.

The Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer celebrated its 49th anniversary in 2021, working to improve the situation of cancer in Mexico, through education, promotion of timely detection, guidance on the disease, and palliative care to influence and influence policies to reduce their impact on the population and improve their quality of care.

Source: El Mèdico Interactivo

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