Published On: Sun, Feb 3rd, 2019

Will the gods grant their permission?

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With a container in his hands, which symbolizes the sacred drink, in the middle of a cloud of “copal“, the Maya priest Theophilus Poot Cahum prayed to the four cardinal points where the ancient deities live at the beginning of the ceremony in which these gods were asked for their consent to begin the construction of the Maya Train Project in Quintana Roo. 

The request for consent in the ceremony to Mother Earth is an ancient tradition in the Maya culure so that every task carried out, can have the OK of the gods, and therefore a “happy ending”.

In Tulum, priests of the different Maya ceremonial centers participated in this event.

(photo by: PalcoQuintanarooense)

It is worth mentioning that the X´men (priests) of the different Maya ceremonial centers in the Yucatan Peninsula decided to carry out this ceremony in order to make sure that the gods of the four cardinal points agree with the consruction of the Maya Train Project.

They say that they are not quite sure that Moher Earth gave her consent for this project during the ceremony carried out in Chiapas last December in the presence of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

And that is why they want to “double check”.

Source: PalcoQuintanarooense



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