Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2019

What’s really behind the kidnapping of 27 call center workers, and their release?

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The kidnapping of 27 people from a call-center in the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo may have been part of a dispute between the owners of the business, prosecutors said Wednesday June 3rd.

The chief prosecutor of the state of Quintana Roo said eight heavily armed attackers burst into the call center — which sold vacation services — on the night of Tuesday July 2nd, and abducted a total of 30 employees.

Three of the 30 were immediattely released by the abductors, but the remaining 27, including one of the owners, went missing for several hours.

(Photo La Vanguardia)

Prosecutor Oscar Montes de Oca said police raided a house in Cancun early Wednesday June 3rd, and found three heavily armed kidnappers inside along with the 27 victims; two other kidnappers were arrested as they tried to flee across the roofs of neighboring homes.

The victims were found blindfolded in two rooms of the house; neither the call center nor the house are in the city’s beachside tourist zone though.

Montes de Oca said the “strongest theory is that it was a dispute between partners in the firm, it is probably an act of revenge between them.”

While Montes de Oca did not provide further details on the nature of that dispute, he did suggest that an organized criminal gang was involved.

“We are not going to allow any openings for criminal gangs that grew stronger over many years because of the corruption and impunity in past administrations,” he said.

Cancun had long been spared the drug violence that affected many other parts of Mexico, until a few years ago. Since then, the city’s murder rate has spiked, and the notorious Jalisco cartel was said to be moving into the resort.

No ransom was demanded in the Tuesday kidnapping.

Source: AP



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