Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

“We don’t even have gloves to operate with” Doctors tell AMLO’s health secretary (video)

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Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer had to put up with complaints from doctors and patients who denounced the lack of supplies.

MEXICO (Agencies) – The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer and the Secretary of Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval; had to endure the complaints of doctors and patients who denounced the lack of supplies at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

The officials made a surprise visit to the medical unit accompanied by the Coordinator of the National Institutes of Health, Gustavo Reyes.

Through videos that circulate on social networks, medical personnel can be seen denouncing to officials the shortage of material such as gauze, gloves for surgery, gowns, medicines and even soap for hand washing.

“We were told there would be no shortage and we’ve been worse off. We don’t even have soap to wash our hands often,” said one hospital workers.

The medical staff also complained that the operating rooms are not well maintained and that, because of the shortage of materials, it is the patients’ families who have to buy supplies such as gloves for surgery.

“I have been here for 30 years and that has never happened before,” said the worker. On the other hand, Sandoval, Reyes and Alcocer also spoke with patients who were dissatisfied with the care. Finally, they received complaints from the hospital’s administrative staff, who reported overpriced purchases and lack of attention to complaints by the Ministry of Public Service.

Once again, there is open proof that the country faces a serious problem regarding the health system, attributable to bad decisions from AMLO´s government. Lopez Obrador knows this issues, affects him politically and instead of solving it, he immediately goes out to blame others, trying to get these matters diluted. However, the population is getting tired of the ineptitude of this government.

Every day is more usual to hear from people “estábamos mejor, cuendo supuestamente estábamos peor” –we were better off when supposedly we were worse off—

The health time-bomb keeps on ticking.

The Riviera Maya Times



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