Published On: Sat, May 27th, 2017

Water consumption doubles in Yucatan with soaring temperatures

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It is because people intensify irrigation to cool their homes or shops.

MERIDA — During the hot season, daily water consumption per citizen increases by 94%, from 180 liters to 350 liters, said the director general of the Water and Sewage Board of Yucatan, Manuel Carrillo Esquivel.

(Image: Debate)

(Image: Debate)

In an interview with Milenio News, the state official said that the increase is due to people intensifying irrigation to refresh their homes or shops, but since it is a practice that many users perform at certain times, this causes a decrease in water pressure in some areas, mainly in colonies and neighborhoods of the city, because the age of the pipes limits the pressure that the zone must have to not cause damage.

Manuel Carrillo said that the state has four water treatment plants and 100 capture systems distributed in strategic points of Merida, which reinforce the distribution and flow of the liquid with pumping equipment, especially in the hot season.

The director of the Japay believes that the existing infrastructure is enough to meet the demand for drinking water in this capital city and the construction of another not expected in the immediate future.

The average water consumption rate that is paid in Merida is $72.00 pesos for consumption of 15 M3 of water that equals one thousand liters.




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