Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2019

Violence against journalists in Playa del Carmen needs to stop

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“How can we promote measures and practices against violence and insecurity in our city, if journalists ar constantly under attack by citizens”, declared councilor Faviola Ballesteros.

Ballesteros made a call to the municipal president of Playa de Carmen, Laura Beristain, demanding to respect the rights of journalists, and stop the wave of violence against them.

She stressed that it is a crime to take away a reporter’s equipment such as cameras, video recorders, smartphones or tape recorders.


The statements of the councilwoman were made in reference to an incident in which a municipal official (very close to Laura Beristain by the way), tried to snatch a reporter’s cell phone in Playa del Carmen, who was just asking her why the “Sports Center” facility had been shut down.

The name of this official is Eutimia Ortencia Mascareña, she has been accused of assault several times before, and at some point in time, she even tried to charge for the parking lot in a government owned building, which is obviously absolutely illegal and unethical.

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