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Varicose veins treatments you should know

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Many people do not know it but varicose veins are not a condition that only affects women. In fact, men can be affected too. Colloquially, varicose veins are also known as “spider veins” among the general public. This affectation can cause various discomforts that there are even cases where it has been necessary for the patient to need surgery.

So, how can a patient know when to see a doctor to prevent complications caused by varicose veins?

Definition of varicose veins

A person is said to have varicose veins when there is considerable swelling or dilation in the veins. These are usually red or blue in color and can be seen very clearly on the skin. This is one of the symptoms that bothers patients the most, since if they are found on the legs, they affect the person’s self-esteem because they do not like the appearance of their legs when they wear shorts or skirts. A very common question that doctors ask is what causes the blood to not circulate correctly and cause varicose veins.

Mainly, this affectation occurs because the valves of the veins present problems. These are responsible for allowing blood to pass through the veins of the body. Because the valves do not close, the blood circulation does not do its normal process and “stagnant” in the vein. This accumulation of blood can cause pain in the legs or even itching in the areas where the varicose veins are.

As we age, the likelihood of problems with blood circulation increases. It is also important to note that women are more likely to have this condition. This is because the constant production of hormones that women find themselves in weakens the walls of the veins.

What is the treatment for this condition?

The correct way to treat varicose veins depends on the severity of the veins. In most cases, there is no need for surgery to treat this problem. Typically, doctors prefer to use less invasive methods that can be followed at home. One of the first actions your doctor will recommend is wearing compression stockings. These put pressure on the legs but not in an exaggerated way. This slight pressure helps blood move through the veins more easily.

If your doctor thinks your case is more serious, he or she may use a method in addition to compression stockings. One of the best known is that lasers are used. In this, no type of needle is used and it helps to close the veins that are not of considerable size. Sclerotherapy is also a procedure that also offers great relief to patients who have more showy varicose veins. This last procedure consists of injecting directly into the affected veins a solution that helps to heal and close them so that their color diminishes later.

If you notice symptoms related to this condition, you can make certain changes to reduce the discomfort. The first is to exercise to have better circulation and also avoid standing or sitting for a long time.


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