Published On: Sat, May 20th, 2017

Vandalism of Merida’s newly paved streets said politically motivated

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The destruction of streets with industrial acid is a “stupid” political maneuver, say researchers.

“It is shameful that in this city there are people capable of taking actions of this type, to bring the hooliganism to this extreme,” says urban planner Jorge Bolio Oses regarding criminals dedicated to destroy newly paved streets with acid.

In the same vein, Dr. Luis Várguez Pasos says that with the destruction of streets we see the emergence of strategies unheard of in the vast catalog of dirty maneuvers that are used in each electoral process. “Their orchestrators use new practices because the others, the known, are already outdated.”Both social researchers agree that, although their impact is direct against citizens’ patrimony, these attacks can not hide their political, partisan motivations.

Officials review street damage by vandals. PHOTO: El Debate

Officials review street damage by vandals. PHOTO: El Debate

“Their implications and their authors are clear,” says Várguez.“The attacks only show the desperation of those who feel steps on the roof in the proximity of the 2018 elections and want to harm their opponent.”

But he also noted that these events, however reprehensible and stupid they may seem, are only a small advance of all that awaits us here in the elections. As the key dates approach, despair will spread among them, it will grow in the same proportion, he continued. “Only God knows what will come next, how far they will be able to go.”

Finally, he says that those who devised this strategy of destruction are so stupid that they “throw out the baby with the bath water.”

“It’s an awkward maneuver, of people without the slightest brain.”

The City of Mérida has registered 1,067 square meters of damage to newly paved streets, as a result of the spill of chemicals made by subjects so-far unknown.




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