Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Use of heavy machinery prohibited to remove seaweed in Tulum

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Staff of the Tulum National Park did not allow the use of heavy machinery to clean up the large amount of seaweed accumulated on the main beaches of this important tourist destination.

Since CONANP director Fernando Orozco was not available, the machinery was withdrawn from the area. And according to a statement by Wady Hadad, who was in charge of coordinating this working group, local hoteliers and entrepreneurs are demanding that the cleaning tasks are carried out, as this is the eve of the summer holiday season, and a great number of tourists is expected.

(Photo: SIPSE)

In several coastal cities of the state authorities are cleaning up the beaches before the summer holiday season starts, however, the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment determined that the sargassum had to be to be removed manually, since the use of heavy machinery would compact the sand causing erosion, and it would affect the large number of sea turtle nests along the coast of Quintana Roo.

Given the situation, staff of the Conanp decided not to allow the use of heavy machinery and instead remove the seaweed shovels, rakes and carts.

Clean-up work was also carried out in the area known as Half Moon in Punta Piedra, an area where turtle nests are protected, but due to the large amount of sargassum accumulated, that exceeds three meters in height, the works are going to take several days to be completed.

Source: SIPSE



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