Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Underwater Museum between Cancun and Isla Mujeres attracts foreign tourists and investment

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The project will be replicated in other countries due to its success.

CANCÚN, Q. Roo.- The creators of the underwater museum located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres (MUSA) are being sought by countries such as Brazil, Croatia and South Africa for advise to replicate the project as Europe did in Lanzarote with The Atlantic Museum, which opened on January this year.

“The successful model will be replicated in a short time, however, because of financial issues on the different countries, it hasn’t been possible to achieve anything yet, because an underwater museum requires a major investment, an amount of money that only a first-world European country can invest, as it happend with the Lanzarote project, which somehow is expected to give promotion to the Mexican Caribbean”, said Roberto Díaz Abraham, president of MUSA.

(Photo: AquaWorld.)

“Although they have looked for the same sculptor to make the pieces, we have advantages such as reefs and endemic species of the Caribbean, in addition to a wider range of options for tourists and our varied segment market.” Díaz continued.

Currently, MUSA has 516 pieces, 400 of them by the same sculptor who made the ones in Europe; Jason De Caires Taylor. Although experts assure that the value of the former mentioned sculptures is higher here. It is planned to place 25 sculptures on land for those who do not like to practice aquatic activities. And it is intended to sink more in the near future.

We are different from the competition in other countries, because we feature the art of conservation. Besides doing business, we seek to protect the reefs and to generate life in these rocks and stones” said Diaz Abraham.

The president of MUSA considers the project to be beneficial as it will promote the tourist sector of Cancun, and therefore, he doesn’t mind advising other countries for their future projects.



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