Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2022

Under investigation 21 cases of acute childhood hepatitis in Mexico: López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Federal Health, reported that so far 21 cases of acute childhood hepatitis are under study.

In the morning conference held at the Old Palace of the City Hall in Mexico City, Hugo López-Gatell Rmírez said that so far the data indicate that acute childhood hepatitis is not a rapidly spreading disease.

“This is a specific type of hepatitis that we are talking about here. So far, neither in Mexico nor in the world, there is evidence to confirm or rule out what is the cause of this specific type of hepatitis, it cannot be assured that it is infectious, it cannot be ruled out either, ” Lopez Gatell said.

“We are studying 17 cases, identifying the study protocol precisely to help understand what the cause is. It is not a pattern of spread and it does not appear to be a disease that has those characteristics,” he added.

So far, the number of cases is very small compared to the enormous number of cases of common hepatitis that occur every year, ”Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Federal Health concluded.

In the state of Nuevo León, health authorities have reported four cases of the disease, while in the last few hours Durango and Sinaloa are studying two possible cases of this type of hepatitis.

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