Published On: Mon, Feb 28th, 2022

Ukrainians in Cancun call Vladimir Putin a murderer

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The call was generated through social networks, to participate in rally to peacefully support Ukrainian and Russian families, with a message of peace. 

(CANCUN, Q. ROO – ).- With Ukrainian flags and banners accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a “murderer”, a group of Ukrainian citizens living in Cancun protested at the “Ceviche” roundabout against Russia’s armed attack on that country.

Valentina Miroshnichenko, a woman originally from Ukraine with Mexican nationality and 18 years of residence in Cancun, was one of the people who protested on public roads this Sunday, Feb. 27th. 

(Photo: Giovanni Zapata)

Valentina Miroshnichenko, like many other migrants, arrived in this country after marrying a Mexican, and referred to the Russian president as a “tyrant” who has started a war in her country, directly affecting the lives of millions of people including her relatives.

“He is an international criminal who has to be apprehended, arrested and deprived of liberty, because he broke into my home with bombs, and took my family out of their house; now they are hiding in the mountains of Ukraine,” she recounted.

The woman and a large group of Ukrainian and Mexican people who joined in support of the Ukrainian community in Cancún, declared that the Russian president is “a person who has no compassion and a psychopath.”


(Photo: Giovanni Zapata)

The group of protesters prayed and recited an Our Father in the middle of the protest, while demanding that the Russian government stop the attacks against their country. 

“Putin has to be tried, arrested, that’s how it should be because Ukraine is a completely free country, with its own culture, history and language, because after Ukraine there are going to be other countries,” said Valentina, who added that she has four brothers and 14 nephews who live in that country, so the situation hurts her deep inside.

In Ukraine, everyone is hiding from the bombs, from the gunshots, no one plans to leave because they love their country and they will remain there to protect it… And if the war that Russia has started escalates to other dimensions, not even Mexico is going to be safe“, Valentina told the local press.

The Riviera Maya Times



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