Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Two men assault a business in Playa del Carmen’s Colonia Eiidal

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On Thursday April 5, a couple of thieves assaulted a store at gunpoint in Playa del Carmen’s Colonia Ejidal, taking 2,000 pesos ($115 USD) in cash from the register.

The incident occurred in a business located on Avenida 75 bis Norte, on the corner with Calle 4 Norte, in Playa del Carmen, where two armed men entered the premises, asking the employee for cash.

One of the delinquents hit the cashier on the head with the pistol grip, while his partner took the money, after which they escaped.

The employee managed to step out of the store and ask for help from next door neighbors, who called the police. The injured woman described the thieves, however, no arrests have been made so far in relation with this crime.

An ambulance of the Red Cross arrived on site, and after the paramedics evaluated the state of health of the cashier, who obviously was in pain for the blow received on the forehead, determined that she did not need to be transferred to the hospital.

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