Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

Turkish Airlines to arrive in Cancun on August 22

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Turkey’s national aviation company, Turkish Airlines, will begin a direct, nonstop flight on the Istanbul-Mexico City, Cancun-Istanbul route, starting next Thursday August 22, confirmed Bernardo Córdova, the Mexican ambassador to Turkey, in Ankara. With three frequencies a week on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, Turkish planes will land in the Mexican capital and in Cancun starting this month. Turkish Airlines reported that the route will be operated on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. Informally it has been anticipated that, from the new Istanbul International Airport, flight TK181 will depart at 20:55 (local time) and will land in Mexico at 4:10. The return of Mexico City will be on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:30 AM, with a technical stopover in Cancun and will take off from the Quintana Roo terminal at 9:20 to arrive in Istanbul at 5:25 the next day ( local time). It will be the first time that a non-stop flight has landed in Mexico from that country and, according to Mexican sources, this new flight represents “a great opportunity to boost the tourism of high purchasing power of that nation and that of India as well” . According to figures issued by the Federal Ministry of Tourism, the tourist expenditure of Turkish visitors in Mexico was 9.9 million dollars in 2017 and 11.6 million dollars in 2018, which represented an increase of 17.4 percent on a year to year basis. In 2017, 10,874 Turkish tourists arrived in Mexico by air and in 2018 the number went up to 12,582, which meant an increase of 15.7 percent. In the same period, tourism from India spent 59 million dollars and 75.3 million dollars, respectively, which resulted in an increase of 27.5 percent in this area. As for the tourists from India, the figure was 64,921 in 2017, and in the following year, the number increased to 81,530 visitors from that nation (+25.6 percent). The arrival of Turkish visitors to the country occupied the 50th position of the total arrivals by nationality last year, while that of Indian tourists was ranked 22nd in the same index. The arrival of travelers from Asian countries to Mexico last year was led by China, with 24.8 percent of the total visitors; Japan, 23.1; South Korea, with 18.1; India, 12.0; Israel, 6.9; Philippines, 2.6, and Turkey, with 1.9 percent. Source: TMP



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