Published On: Mon, Feb 26th, 2018

Tulum’s caves will attract scuba divers from all over the world

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TULUM, Q. Roo.- The recent findings and the fact that Tulum is known as the place with the longest underground river in the world, represent an attraction for specialized divers and will undoubtedly increase the attractiveness for this field.

Officially there are no statistics on the number of visitors to the cenotes but the most visited is Dos Ojos, in ejido Jacinto Pat.
The finding may lead Tulum to be known as the capital of cave diving, since its underground treasures come to show important data of prehitorica life and prehispanic cultures and now, the area is home to the most extensive underwater caves, unique in the world.

Tulum is already attractive for weddings, yoga, sun and beaches recognized and awarded, and have this underground wealth is added to the attractions.

The Cenotes and Mar Divers Association (Bucema), which represents Álvarez Enríquez, recognizes that the connection of the cenotes of Sac Actun, with 263 kilometers, and Dos Ojos with 84 kilometers, to add 347 kilometers, is highly attractive for scuba divers all over the world to come to explore the flooded caves.

There is no punctual promotion of these attractions in specialized fairs, only some sites that are brought to the fairs are mentioned, but the scientific findings undoubtedly highlight Tulum, a fact that adds to its traditional tourist attractions, he said.

Undoubtedly, the best known site is Dos Ojos, which according to the board of the Jacinto Pat ejido, has up to 300 visitors a day, during high season.

Source: SIPSE



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