Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

Tulum residents raise their voice in peaceful march

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As part of the actions during the march and the rally held on Sunday March 11 in the city of Tulum, citizens expressed their rejection by placing “symbolic” closing stamps on the doors of the City Hall offices. On the seals, the reasons for the closure could be read:  corruption, ineptitude, insecurity, and destruction of the mangrove.

This action occurred spontaneously at the initiative of Tulum’s residents.

The convening organizations were the Sustainable Tulum Network, the Citizen Comptroller for Tulum and the Tulum Women’s Foundation (Red Tulum Sostenible, Contraloría Ciudadana por Tulum y Fundación de Mujeres de Tulum). Other organizations that also participated were: the Osa Mayor traditional midwives group,  Woolis composting company and representatives of local residents’ committees.

The march began with a walk along the beach area, where the mangrove forest is being devastated by ambitious and irresponsible persons who act in complicity with the authorities of the municipal, state and federal governments, according to the protesters’ statements.

Later on, the march continued towards the esplanade of the Town Hall, crossing Tulum´s Main Avenue right on the junction with the road to Coba.

During the tour a performance was presented with people who carried legends stamped on their skin like “peace”, “harmony”, “life to the mangroves”, among others. The march was accompanied by a batucada group, although there were two moments of silence to honor those who recently passed away on that avenue, in two regrettable events: one man who was shot at the door of his restaurant, and a pedestrian that fell into a ditch as he was getting off the public transportation bus.

Signatures were collected to support the demands and proposals of the protesters, on important issues such as public safety, urban development and environment care.

As part of the actions during the march and the rally held on Sunday March 11, in Tulum, residents expressed their opinion by placing symbolic closing stamps on the doors of the City Hall office building. (Photo: lajornadamaya)

A particular demand was made to the municipal presidency, asking for its urgent intervention to put out the fire in the municipal dump, which has been emitting fumes of high toxicity for more than 15 days. This demand was supported by around 180 signatures, which were delivered to government officials on Monday March 12.

Speakers from the participating organizations addressed the issues of greatest concern to citizens, such as insecurity, disorderly and predatory urban development, destruction of coastal ecosystems, contamination of the aquifer and poor management of solid waste.

In these interventions, not only the problems were pointed out, but solutions were proposed and the contribution of time, resources, experience and knowledge of the organizations was offered so that, in conjunction with the public administration, the most concerning issues could be addressed by government and citizenship in coordination.

At all times the atmosphere during the march was peaceful and cordial.




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