Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018

Tulum registers high influx of visitors in August

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“The coastal zone of Tulum, and in particular the beaches of the Tulum National Park had registered a high influx of tourists during the first days of August, taking advantage of the sunny days, after the showers of late July”, according to the local beach service providers “Pescadores“.

“The port remained open to the navigation of smaller vessels, which facilitated the activity for providers of nautical services”, said Armando Tec Morales.

After the accumulation of sargassum and climate changes registered lately, tourism had remained somewhat away from the beaches of the national park, however, in recent days, taking advantage of the sunny days, a certain influx has been maintained”, said Tec Morales, who is part of one of the cooperatives that operate in this reserved area.

(Photo: SIPSE)

“In spite of the fact that one has to cross a sargassum chaff to reach the boats, the tourists enjoy the experience of observing the reefs”, said Gonzalo Molina, also a provider of nautical services in the area of ​​the national park, the busiest for tourism that visits the archaeological zone.

He said that removing 50 percent of the amount of sargassum accumulated, the visitor can live with this marine material, and preventing it from decomposing in the sand, the bad smell is what also scares the tourists away.

“Most of the tourists that take this type of tours are American or Canadian (approximatelly 70%), Spanish and Italians (approximatelly 30%), and just a few nationals”, finished Molina.

Source: SIPSE



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