Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Tulum recognized as “Global Capital of Yoga”

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The municipality of Tulum has an enormous potential in health and wellness tourism (Global Wellness Institute.

TULUM, Q. Roo.-” Service providers, specialists and locals have taken actions in order to consolidate the municipality and Pueblo Magico of Tulum as one of the most important wellness and health destinations worldwide”, explained the head of the State Secretariat of Tourism, Marisol Vanegas Pérez.

As part of the presentation of the Distinctive Project “Tulum World Capital of Yoga”, the state official said that this type of actions are intended to attract a segment of travelers known as “wellness travelers.”

According to Vanegas Perez, attracting this specific market of travelers that usually visit countries such as Thailand, India, Costa Rica or Spain with the purpose of finding physical, mental and emotional well-being, could detonate more investment and infrastructure in the area.

Tulum, World Capital of Yoga 2017 (Photo:

The State Secretariat of Tourism attended the presentation of the Distinctive Project “Tulum World Capital of Yoga” at the Tulum Vegan Fest 2017.

During the presentation, Vanegas explained that it will be sought that this distinction- created by the Foundation Honoris Causa, Casa Quintana Roo, Municipality of Tulum, Tulum Vegan Fest and entrepreneurs of Quintana Roo- could be used to promote Tulum in international fairs looking to detonate infrastructure investment and the creation of more international events related to this area

Global Wellness

According to Susie Ellis Chairman and CEO Global Wellness Institute, Mexico has a high growth potential in health and wellness tourism, which represents a market of 10.5 billion US dollars a year worldwide.

The distinctive “Tulum, World Capital of Yoga” is supported by civil society, private initiative, hoteliers, restaurateurs, business people, artisans, activists, actors, artists, prehispanic groups, environmental organizations, environmentalists, The Mexican Federation of Yoga, yoga and meditation masters, national and international Yoga schools, spa and health associations, travel agencies and NGOs.




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