Published On: Sun, Mar 11th, 2018

Tulum needs a museum

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The Museum of Tulum used to be nothing but a project, but today it can be considered a reality (at least on paper).

The initiative seeks to combine the magnificence of Mayan culture with the environment of the region.

The proposal of a museum in the area arises from the need to diversify the tourist offer, to become more than sun, sand and sea. The main model is susceptible to adjustments as the impressions of the different sectors of society are being taking into consideration.

The Lord company, which has carried out projects in emblematic places such as Bilbao, in Spain or Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, will be in charge of carrying out the project. Javier Jiménez, director of cultural resources of Lord, explained that they have developed more than 2,300 projects in 35 years, and their company has presence in more than 57 countries around the world.

On the other hand, Alba Díaz Muñiz, associate project leader of FR-EE, architect Fernando Romero’s office, highlighted the great growth that Tulum has registered in recent years and the need to have a museum to make the destination more attractive, because people looking to find out more about the Mayan culture have only the archaeological zone, but there is no place where they can learn more on the subject.

Díaz Muñiz mentioned that the development does not have until now a cultural sustenance that adds value to the destination, for that reason the importance of offering something more.

The Mexican architect Fernando Romero, graduated in 1995 from the Ibero-Americana University of Mexico City, has not only transcended for his emblematic works in Mexico such as the Soumaya Museum or the Convention Center in Los Cabos for the G-20 meeting, but his work can be admired in cities such as San Diego or Miami in the United States.

The presentation was attended by businessmen, artists, cultural promoters and civil society in general, made it clear that the goal is to include the local community and indigenous cultures in the project and to take care of the environment at the same time.

Cultural promoter Macu Lignarolo stressed that this is an inclusive project, which has taken several years to see the light and that still needs more time to become a reality, but it’s getting there. He thanked the interest and promotion of all those entrepreneurs who promote local art and culture.




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