Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

Tulum and Cozumel, two ‘must-dive’ destinations

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According to sites such as Forbes, Caribbean Trading and Journey Latin America, the Yucatan Peninsula boasts several “must-dive” destinations that divers around the world, both amateur and professional, highly recommend to explore, as it is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Caribbean Trading ranked Cozumel in 2nd place in their Top 10 diving destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America 2017. “Many experienced divers consider Cozumel one of the best places to scuba dive in the world (…). With more than 100 dive operators, the island offers different types of dives ranging from deep dives, night dives, wreck dives, and underwater photography dives. With the 600-mile long Maya Reef at your disposal , stretching from Cozumel to Central America, you’re sure to see a variety of marine life. If you’re looking for the best spots in Cozumel, consider the Santa Rosa Wall and the Tormentos Reef”.

Cenotes in Yucatán
Photo: Forbes

Additionally, Forbes Magazine considered Tulum‘s crystalline waters to be a life-changing experience for anyone trying or practicing scuba diving. “Cenote and cave diving is much more difficult than open water diving–you can’t always make a vertical ascent in the case of an emergency, and there are many other factors at play in these dives. But that being said, making one of these dives will be an experience like you’ve never had before. Ten miles south of Tulum you have Cenote Angelita, a deep diving cave experience for advanced divers with a minimum of 20 logged dives (…).”

Last but not least, Journey Latin America expressed that overall, the Yucatán Peninsula offers to the public and experienced divers opportunities to explore the Caribbean ocean like no other places before, as it is the “holy grail” for cenotes, freshwater cave systems, and underground lakes. “It is a huge porous limestone shelf where fresh water flows into underground river and cave systems. Parts of the shelf have collapsed over thousands of years creating sinkholes or cenotes. These underwater caves and caverns popular among divers today were believed by the ancient Mayans to be entrances to the mystical underworld. Each cenote is different – some are completely underground, others semi-underground – in many the roof allows sunlight to penetrate, creating a magical feeling and intense aquamarine colour.”

Cenote diving in the Yucatán Península
Photo: Journey Latin America

SOURCES: Caribbean Trading / Forbes / Journey Latin America



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