Published On: Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016

Tulum accomodations: primitively lovely

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Lovely Hotels of Tulum

High-rises are close to non-existent here; in their place, you’ll find beachfront villas or cabana-style suites, along with low-rise boutique hotels, mostly located within the Zona Hotelera Tulum.

Like the town itself, the lodging has a casual, laid-back, modern-day-hippie vibe: simple and pared down, even at expensive spots.

Forget paved parking lots or sidewalks; instead, sand-filled pathways crisscross the town.

Forget A/C too, for the most part; because hotels rely on solar and wind power or generators for electricity, it’s only offered during certain hours, typically from late evening to early morning.

You won’t find a TV, phone or other electronics in your room, either.


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