Published On: Sat, Dec 17th, 2016

Trump´s cabinet: a threat to democracy

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President elect Trump has been appointing controversial characters for his cabinet’s main positions, such as the State Department where, Rex Tillerson, CEO of the oil company EXXON was named, this must make the Rockefeller very happy, since they are the power behind this company.

Steve Bannon, a right wing extremist has been named chief strategist by Trump, Rick Perry as head of Department of Energy, these and other cabinet appointments have raised hell, and it seems Democrats will put up a big fight trying to keep these people away from the President’s circle.

Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats in general, deem Trump as a threat for democracy, and the people he has been naming in his cabinet just proves it, bankers and corporate executives are being placed in key positions and they are not going to operate and work for the folks that voted for Trump cause he would rescue them and would make America great again.

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin (Photo: Debka)

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin (Photo: Debka)

For people as Tillerson and others, the common folk wellbeing is not a priority, and it is not even considered in their agendas, the world prepares fir the Trump Presidency, but the guy seems to think that running a country is like running a company, and he couldn’t be more wrong.

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