Published On: Sat, Sep 2nd, 2017

Tropical storm Lidia hit us harder than a hurricane”: People of Cabo

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The people of Cabo will never forget August 31, when Lidia, without reaching the category of hurricane, covered the entire territory with cloudiness and caused havoc as it had not happened for a long time.

Hundreds residents of Los Cabos, through social networks were reporting minute by minute the situation in their communities, refering to the magnitude of the phenomenon. “It’s too much water, my God, when is it going to stop?” People wrote on social networks.

“What’s going on down the road? We hear a lot of shouting, “said Andrea Perez in a Facebook group that caused more than 300 comments.

They asked for help for family and friends in the Lagunitas, Caribbean, Tierra y Libertad neighborhoods;  the Riu and the City Express hotels were totally flooded; people described how the cars were being washed away by the current or how the water rose all the way up to the second floor of a house.

The collapse of a four-story building in Colonia Chulavista of Cabo San Lucas was reported on social networks too. Photographs, videos, prayers, laments, memories, everything was shared and as the night went by and the dawn brought images of destruction all over Cabo.

Social networks played a fundamental role, because that was how authorities got to know the level of damage. The images of a looted Oxxo, the video of a car dragged by the current, photographs of cars piled up and muddled, cries of help because 911 collapsed. They simply did not answer anymore.

On Facebook, Mrs. Ydequel Gutiérrez began organizing the community to bring help to Colonia Bajo Caribe, where dozens of families were trapped in their homes built of wood and cardboard, “with water upr to their waist”, says the woman.

Interviewed by EL UNIVERSAL, she stated that she had no major problems, but her neighbors did have a bad time.

“Poor people, down there. As soon as the rains stopped we started to help them, ” she says.

Gutierrez arrived in Los Cabos 12 years ago, from Sinaloa. She is familiar with cyclones; However, she recounts, “The storm hit us harder than Hurricane Odile in 2014. It was windy and there was not so much damage from the water accumulation.




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