Published On: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

Tourists support altruistic causes in Cancún

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Foreign residents see in Cancun an opportunity to perform altruistic work and donations to civil associations or foundations, such as the medical tourism that every year brings improvement to the Casa Hogar San José , located in Rancho Viejo and the Sonia School, in Colonia Alfredo V. Bonfil, that has been growing thanks to donations.

“They found us through the page we have on Facebook,” explained Mrs. Sonia, who added that donors come for a walk and take the opportunity to help.

With the help of a group of foreigners, the Sonia School was able to expand the area where childlren attend their kindergarten studies and also improved the sanitary service and the roof.

Foreigners see in Cancun an opportunity to perform altruistic work and donations to civil associations or foundations. (Photo: SIPSE)

“Most of the people who support us come from outside. I do not want to say that local people do not help us but there are more foreigner people who help us.”, said Doña Sonia Cejas Martínez

The school became a civil association two years ago, currently helping 130 children providing education and a meal, paid by with voluntary contributions, which are often insufficient.

“There are groups that come for a trip to Cancun, and then they visit us and make contributions. Mainly, they provide donatives only once, but there are others that are continuous, that send donations every year, like the Rotary Club of the United States”, she explained.

On the other hand, Jorge Raul Portilla Huereca, who is part of the board of directors of the Medical Tourism Association, explained that directors of a retirement company in Canada, make periodic trips to Cancun that provide them as incentives, and as part of their programs of activities, they visit and support institutions that do social work in the city.

“Last year, the institution chosen to receive help was the San José de la Inmaculada girls’ orphanage, located in Rancho Viejo; we made it possible to fix the place up, buy computers, etc. These visitors dedicate one full day to visit one of these places in order to lend a hand for the day, and then we ask them for their economic support,” Portilla Huereca said.

Source: SIPSE



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