Published On: Fri, Aug 5th, 2022

Tourists Seen Walking To Cancun Airport

Tourists traveling to Cancun International Airport have reported significant delays in the past week as a result of the ongoing renovation of the city’s Colosio boulevard, which leads to the airport. With delays of up to two hours reported, some tourists have been seen getting out of their taxis and walking to the airport in order to catch their flight.

In recent weeks, authorities have been warning both residents and tourists of possible delays due to the massive construction project. Combined with a record-breaking summer vacation season, many tourists are struggling to catch their flight on time.

Last weekend, several local media outlets released reports of tourists having to exit their taxis while en route to the airport amid a traffic standstill. Some passengers were seen making the remaining segment of the trip on foot in a frantic effort to reach the airport’s croweded terminals. 

The highest amount of traffic occurs between 6 to 10 AM from the center towards Cancun International Airport, whereas 5 to 8 PM sees the most traffic from the airport towards the city center. To alleviate traffic build-up, authorities have taken several measures, such as removing some traffic lights and prioritizing public transport including buses. 

The Riviera Maya Times



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