Published On: Sun, Mar 25th, 2018

Tortugranja: a sanctuary for sea animals in Isla Mujeres

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Quintana Roo is characterized by its natural beauty,  its beaches and its biodiversity. Nevertheless, there are different species that have become protected by law because human activity or comsumption put them in danger. Such is the case of the sea turtle, the Marlin, and the pink sea snail, just to name a few.

It has been possible to minimize the impact in the disappearance of several species. Therefore, in addition to the laws that take care of them, there are organizations dedicated to stop the hunting and poaching of some marine animals for touristic or commercial purposes , such is the case of “Tortugranja” in Isla Mujeres.

“Tortugranja” in Isla Mujeres. (Photo: La verdad Noticias)

“Tortugranja” is an institution dedicated especially to sea turtles. In the nesting season, which runs from April to October, their staff patrol the beaches to identify the nests and collect the eggs, taking them to the camp where they are buried again to wait for them to hatch and later helping the newly born turtles to return to their habitat.

It is a task that requires time and effort, volunteers and training for the management of a species protected by law, however, the awareness of the collaborators headed by its director, Biologist Deline García, goes beyond this particular and beautiful species, since they join efforts to be able to save another type of marine animals such as the Pink Sea Snail, Horseshoe Crab, Cat Shark, Rays and Lobsters, among others.

These species can be also be found in the “tortugranja”, as they were rescued from poachers who wanted to sell their meat to the black market. Once the animals are taken there, experts examine them, and when they are in good health, they are returned to their natural habitat.

However, those who arrive in poor health conditions stay as long as necessary, indicated by the sanctuary biologists, so that they can restore their physical health, allowing them to return to the sea without any problem.

These activities have been successfully achieved and currently, some that have been rescued remain in the facilities, including 2 rays and 4 cat sharks, that can be seen in this sanctuary.




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