Published On: Fri, Apr 30th, 2021

Today is Children’s Day in Mexico

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Mèrida, Yucatàn, April 30, 2021, (METMEXICO).- This holiday, of course, is dedicated to children – the main treasure of every nation. Kids in Mexico are differently pampered even without any reason, and on the holiday, children are allowed to do whatever they want. In Mexico, 39 million children live; they make up 35 % of the population.

On his day, every Mexican child should feel special. In the beginning, the parents and other relatives give presents to the heroes of the occasion. On this day the children go to school, not in uniform but smartly dressed, often in fancy dress. On Children’s Day, the small Mexicans try to dress up brightly. The national costumes and sombreros are particularly popular.


On this day in Mexico usually, there are no classes in schools, even though it’s not listed as an official holiday in the school calendar. In schools the holidays with treats are organized for children, and the teachers take an active part in them.

The amusement does not end even after school. In shopping malls across the country, shows for children with clowns, jugglers, and musicians are held. The kids have free access to cinemas, theaters, zoos, and children’s museums on this day; in many places, good discounts are valid for young visitors on Children’s Day.

Not only entertaining, but also social events are held on the Children’s Day in Mexico. For example, many public organizations arrange the charity events to collect money, toys, and warm clothes for the orphans.


It’s interesting that in 1995 the National Museum of Mexican Art has initiated the first great celebration in honor of Children’s Day. The activities for children arranged by the museum that year were so popular that museum staff decided to continue the tradition of children’s holiday and to organize it on the bigger stage. Since then, holiday preparations involve student volunteers and high school, pupils.

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