Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

Three Merida spas where luxury means soul

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Vacation is about rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit, and why a visit to the spa is a common “to-do” on the itinerary. A good spa nourishes your soul with a smile, and allows you to relax into a moment where every thought or worry leaves your mind, and you feel as if you are floating bliss. Welcome the Mayan whispers, nourish your soul, hug your senses, embrace your skin, and resuscitate your spirit at these three Mérida spas that caress the welcoming and inviting energy of the Yucatán.

Rosas & Xocolate Spa is a sonnet of love. A place of nurturing and influence of romance. The world is full of magical things, and here you will feel all the things that stir your heart strings. From the flickering candlelight to chocolate and roses, it is the purest essence of the smallest things having the biggest impact. Feel inspired with a Mayan foot rub, share the intimacy with a couple’s massage, or choose their signature experience — A rose sugar scrub and rinse, followed by warm chocolate drizzled over your body to wrap and renew the skin, and completed with a massage.

Favorite Component: Lighting, aroma, and of course… Roses & Chocolate.

(PHOTO: Miranda Allfrey)

(PHOTO: Miranda Allfrey)

Coqui Coqui is a sanctuary, or ‘Garden of Eden’ for a solo spa visit. Lush gardens and an outdoor bath tub await to complement your aromatic massage. Fall into deep relaxation with a refreshing massage with the famous Coqui Coqui scents (available for purchase). The therapist uses techniques that deepen your relaxed state, with your body and mind welcoming the one on one attention.  Sipping warm tea while you soak your bones in a private oasis is part of the magnetism of this spa. The sound of birds and the courtyard fountain bring happiness to your ears as you relax in nature.

Favorite Component: The private outdoor nature sanctuary.

(PHOTO: Miranda Allfrey)

(PHOTO: Miranda Allfrey)

Chablé is a place of healing. The spa at Chablé was created to restore by integrating a sacred source, an ancient Mayan cenote. Water acts as a support system or stabilizer to our environment, drawing from our energy and removing the negative from within. Opting for the full experience with a shaman blessing, my four-hands massage began with a cleansing and prayer of offering to the Gods next to the lily pad covered cenote waters. After some time for reflection at the water’s edge, you are whisked away to your private room that offers a view of the cenote area.

By Miranda Allfrey for TYT

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