Published On: Sat, Sep 25th, 2021

Three inmates escape from Playa del Carmen prison

Guards shoot and recapture two, the police are still looking for the third prisoner who managed to escape.

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, (September 24, 2021) .- After the escape of three inmates in Playa del Carmen, authorities managed to capture two, while one remains at large.

The escape of the prisoners occurred around 1:20 am on Thursday 23, when guards from the jail that is located at the end of Benito Juárez Avenue informed 911 about the escape of three prisoners.

This caused a strong operation in which the Municipal Police, the Quintana Roo State Police and the State Attorney General participated.

The authorities report that when facing the escape of the three prisoners, the guards fired their weapons, causing one of the prisoners to be shot in the leg.

This prisoner faces charges for the crime of sexual abuse; He is originally from Tabasco and was identified with the initials H. H. C., 36 years old.

So far no further information has been given on the second inmate who was captured.

The third inmate, R.S.G. which managed to escape; he was being held for crimes against health. (Photo: SIPSE)

The State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the case, especially in case personnel from the Playa del Carmen jail are involved.

This is not the first inmate escape case this year. On April 14, 2021, an inmate also managed to escape from the Playa del Carmen prison.

In this case, a custodian resigned that same day but so far they have not found those responsible for the omission or complicity of this fact.

Source: Sipse

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