Published On: Sat, Aug 28th, 2021

The Uber of the Maya area is born in Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo: it is called “Koox Taxi”

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The digital platform has been developed by Manuel Canul, a young Maya man from Carrillo Puerto who is very skilled in programming.

Quintana Roo, (August 28, 2021).- The General Union Francisco May from Felipe Carrillo Puerto municipality will launch a mobile application called “Koox Taxi” (let’s go taxi) in order to provide a quality service that is available to everyone. 

The platform will be available in the Play Store, the design will be user-friendly, it will have a database of operators, taxi numbers, the cost of the service, the route it will take, and the estimated time to arrive, among other features. 

Mario Didier Aguilar Ramírez Secretary-General of the taxi drivers union in the Carrillo Puerto municipality reported that on August 27 the app was officially launched, people with smartphones will be able to use the service as of that date. 

“Once the official launch is made, those who want will be able to download it free of charge in the Android system, just have to look for it as” Coox Taxi “, all you need to register is an email and a phone number, so you can be part of the database”, Francisco May said.

He said that they are still analyzing the possibility that those who request the service through the platform, an extra cost is applied to them as in a radio taxi, which is expected to be three pesos, so when requesting transport in this mode, the user will pay 28 pesos, although, it has not been determined. 

He added that this innovation seeks to facilitate the attention to users, that is safe, satisfactory, in addition, to generate a direct interaction with the drivers, in case of any problem, displeasure, they can report it to the union and action is taken on the matter, come up with a solution. 

“It is an app developed by Manuel Canul, a prominent young man in the municipality in the management of technologies and programming, about two years ago they began to work with this new strategy, it had not been completed and until today, it is almost a fact “, he claimed. 

Source: Sipse



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