Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

The rorqual returns to Quintana Roo

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The presence of a whale of the Rorqual species (Balaenoptera physalus) of almost eighteen meters in length and that was rescued in Isla Contoy could mean the return of the species to waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

According to María del Carmen García Rivas, director of Isla Contoy National Park, Navy personnel and park rangers attended, rescued and returned to the sea, a whale that was stuck on Isla Contoy beach.

In a certain way it was a fortunate event, because it allowed to confirm the presence of this species of whale, since there was only information, but not certainty of its presence.

According to experts, the rorqual reaches the Gulf of California where it breeds and feeds, but its presence in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean is due to the fact that some specimens arrive to spend the winter.


10 facts about the Rorqual:

  • It is the second largest mammal on the planet, the first is the blue whale.
    Belongs to the family of the balaenoptéridos.
    It can submerge up to 230 meters deep.
    Most species breed in temperate waters during winter.
    Their favorite feeding areas are near the poles, where waters are rich in plankton and krill.
    Females are larger than males.
    There are records that indicate that they can live up to 100 years.
    The gestation period lasts from eleven months to one year.
    They usually live in groups of six to ten individuals.
    Collisions with boats are one of the main causes of mortality of the common fin whale in addition to whaling.




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