Published On: Tue, Jan 25th, 2022

The price of lemon in Mexico is unusually high at 80 pesos per kilo

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The price of lemons will remain high for three or four more months, said the general secretary of the Agricultural Workers Union (UNTA)

(MEXICO – UNTA), January 26, 2022.- The price of lemons will remain high for three or four more months. It will be until spring when it begins to stabilize. This is the result of a 25% drop in production due to climatic, phytosanitary and lack of fertilizer problems.

“There is not enough product to supply the national market, which triggered shortages, limited supply and constant price increases to the detriment of consumers.” This was stated by Álvaro López Ríos, general secretary of the Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), who pointed out that the null policy of promoting food production by the federal government causes shortages, rises in prices and affects the income of the customers and producers alike.

He specified that in the first half of January, staple foods increased by 11.6%; the lemon shot up to 90 pesos per kilogram and agri-food imports had a rise of 38.3% as of November 2021.

On the lemon, a topic that he considers of great relevance, the leader of small and medium farmers, said that at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the kilogram fluctuated between 80 and 90 pesos. “If the rises of 2 to 5 pesos a day are maintained, it will reach 100 pesos or more.”

He assured that the instability in the food market is due to the lack of an adequate production policy. “The federal government had to import grains and oilseeds in 2021.”

He said that based on information from the Bank of Mexico, from January to November 2021, the value of commercial imports reached 458.6 billion US dollars. This was 32.5% higher than in 2020. And the Trade Balance deficit was approximately 12.1 billion dollars.

He pointed out that the Agrifood Balance, in the accumulated of November 2021, the purchases were 32.5 billion US dollars. This amount implied an increase of 38.3% compared to the amount accumulated in the same period of the previous year.

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