Published On: Tue, Jul 2nd, 2019

The Future of Fashion: Turning Recycled Plastic into Clothes

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The new age has dawned, and humans are using plastic bottles to manufacture garments.

Plastic continues to hoard in landfills and pollute the oceans. But brands like Everlane, H&M, and Adidas put this plastic to good use by transforming it into your favorite handbag, or perhaps a pair of cool sneakers.

So, what is the future of fashion? How can we play a role to ensure that we have a greener earth, one that is the right place to be for our future generations as well? Here is a look at all that we can do, and more.

Save the Environment
The carbon emission in the following years will decrease to a considerable limit and we have the fashion designers to thank for it. With the ‘recycled fashion mindset, there’ll be much less use of raw materials, energy, and resources.

Why Use Plastic?
Plastic is a non-biodegradable and harmful pollutant that doesn’t decompose. And reports suggest 86% of plastic bottles used in the US alone are dumped into a landfill. 60 million bottles on an average are dumped daily, leading to the collection of 18,834,000,000 bottles in the US every year. If the pollutant continues to fill up the landfills at this rate, it poses a high risk to the environment.

With the fashion industry’s initiative to incorporate plastic not only from the landfills but also the oceans into garments, it is a major step towards saving our future.

Plastic at the London Fashion Week
Vin and Omi, two designers at the London Fashion Week garnered a lot of praises (and criticism) from the audience at the event for their sustainable and recycled collection.

The designers say their clothes made from plastic bottles and sustainable wool have a ‘political message’. As unique as their approach was their slogan for the event: We are not Sheep.

According to the duo, their ‘obsession' started when they made a t-shirt from recycled plastic. When it came back from the manufacturer's it was almost like a cotton-cashmere blend.

When asked how they managed to weave ‘bottles’ into clothes they answered, “The bottles are turned into chips. They’re melted and stretched, then turned into yarn that we can weave just like fabric.”

What happens when people get tired of their clothes?
Generally, people throw away clothes once they’re tired of them. In this case, it’s plastic if they throw their clothes away it’s almost the same as it was when they threw plastic bottles.

So, Vin and Omi have a solution for this as well. The pair suggests once you’re tired of the clothing, simply send it back to the designers who can reuse it for their future collections.

This thoughtful gesture doesn’t go unnoticed as you get a discount on your next purchase. “It’s not a very clever practice, because you’re actually buying your own clothes back,” suggests Omi. But for these designers, the priority is saving the environment.

With innovative ideas like these, we can transform fashion and save the environment simultaneously.

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