Published On: Fri, Sep 11th, 2020

The best facial peeling treatments

The peeling consists of the application of chemical products on the skin by medical professionals to regenerate and repair it. The word peeling means exfoliation, it manages to reduce wrinkles, have a rejuvenated and well-hydrated skin.

One of the best ways to treat our skin is to give it a treatment that helps it renew itself in a deep way. There are different treatments that are used depending on the results sought, the skin type, the skin condition, the medical history, and the age.

Types of chemical peel treatments

Due to the ingredients used in the peels, some of these treatments can be used for both the face and the body, however, the concentration must be set by the doctor since the results are different.

Some of the peeling treatments include:

Young and beautiful woman with Purifying Mask on her face

– Gentle chemical peel

It works to eliminate fine lines such as fine lines, helps reduce acne marks, uneven skin tones, and dryness. It is especially used to remove the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis.

Thanks to the fact that it is a very gentle peeling, it can be performed once a week for six weeks, depending on the results desired by the patient. The most common ingredient for this peel is glycolic acid.

– Medium peeling

This type of chemical peel is a bit more aggressive so it is recommended to perform it every six or seven weeks. It can remove the skin cells that make up the epidermis, treat wrinkles, erase acne scars, and correct uneven skin tone.

One of the best known medium peels is trichloroacetic acid. It is important to stay out of the sun for at least a week.

– Deep peeling

It can produce deeper flaking and redness, so it is recommended to repeat it every eight weeks. These flakes can last 3 to 4 days. Deep peeling can remove epidermis cells, deep wrinkles, or precancerous elements. However, being a strong product, it is important to keep it protected from the sun for at least two weeks.

The phenol peel is an acid capable of lightening the skin to a great extent.

Care after a peeling

Like any other treatment, it is important to consider post-treatment care. These include:

– Avoid some cosmetics

Substances that may cause an allergic reaction after treatment should be avoided, as they could aggravate the condition of the skin. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with your doctor what type of makeup you can use.

– Do not touch the treated area

It is essential not to touch the treated area even if you have itching, burning, or new pimples that you want to remove. It is extremely important to touch it only to apply the creams recommended by the doctor.

– Avoid sun exposure

As we have mentioned, most treatments recommend staying out of the sun for at least a few weeks. You have to apply sun protection and even wear caps or hats if there is a need to go outside.

– Keep hydrated

It is important to help the body. Drinking plenty of water a day will keep the skin well hydrated, in addition to using letters. Thus, the regeneration process will be faster and better.

In case of noticing any abnormality, it is important to consult a doctor, since it could be risky to use substances not recommended by him/her since they can cause opposite effects and affect the skin.


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