Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2023


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Taxi drivers reject the operation of the digital transport platform because they assure that it would be an attack on the precarious economic situation of southern Quintana Roo.

As an attack on the precarious economic situation of the state capital, taxi drivers described the possible entry into operation of UBER, which will be analyzed by a federal judicial authority in Cancun this afternoon. .

The taxi drivers positioned themselves in front of the CBTA, located at the entrance of Chetumal to carry out their demonstration. There, one of the drivers lay down on the road and momentarily interrupted vehicular traffic. His colleagues asked him to get up while shouting slogans against UBER.

It should be noted that while they were holding their demonstration, the engine of a parked taxi began to generate smoke because it overheated.

Elmer Lizama Lizama, surveillance and radio taxi delegate of the Single Union of Rental Car Drivers (Suchaa) confirmed that the taxi service was only suspended for half an hour since they do not ask to remain in protest until noon when the Cancun court is in session .1 of 6  

The entry of UBER not only affects taxi drivers but will also affect the government since many will stop working as a collective service to join the platform “and thus they will not have to share their income with other people.”

He affirmed that the Suchaa authorities are exhausting all instances to express their rejection of the possibility that UBER operates in Quintana Roo.

We are going through instances but the governor, Mara Lezama, must show her support. And a federal judge cannot violate the laws of Quintana Roo.

He affirmed that if the government does not support “then you do not have to pay the endorsement because the economic situation in the south is precarious and if you are not a government employee you are a taxi driver.”

He considered that people will not pay a service of 60 or 70 pesos that UBER offers permanently “although perhaps they will do it initially out of curiosity but the damage will already be done.”

He expressed his confidence that the State government enforces the Mobility Law regarding the entry into operations of digital platforms.

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