Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2018

Taxi driver suspended in Bacalar for disrespecting a lady

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A member of the taxi drivers’ union in Bacalar was suspended for three days, because he disrespected a lady walking down the street, who went to the offices to file her complaint for harassment.

Jair Ramírez Dzib, general secretary of the union, said that the woman was walking down the street, when the driver  started to follow her, while saying offensive words, so she immediately went to present her complaint in the union offices.

He assured that the suspension for Paulino B. P. was immediately revoked, with the warning that if he continued with this type of behavior, he could be granted a six-month suspension and even the definitive discharge.

Bacalar taxi (Photo: SIPSE)

He stressed that the union has invested resources to train operators in various aspects, from image, tourist attention, English, among other aspects, which are related to the improvement of the service provided to tourists, because taxi drivers are usually the first contact with the travelers who arrive at the destination.

He affirmed that they will not tolerate negative behaviors that jeopardize the work and effort made by most taxi drivers in Bacalar to provide a quality service that is consistent with the tourist consolidation of this recently appointed  Magic Town.

He indicated that they intend to distinguish the guild of Bacalar for providing a service of respect, quality and responsibility, focused on safety, good presentation and good treatment to the user at all times.

Ramírez Dzib pointed out that Balacar tasi drivers had given back cellphones, purses, and other items that travelers had forgotten inside their units. They have returned between three and five cell phones to their owners per week, in addition to purses, shopping bags, computers, children’s shoes, among other items.

“We want all visitors to know that the people of Bacalar is honest and that taxi drivers are not criminals,” he concluded.

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