Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Tax revenues subsidize operations of Merida’s Great Mayan World Museum

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With tax contributions the Great Mayan World Museum pays its debts.

MERIDA — The cost of the construction and operation of the Great Mayan World Museum is not paid with the resources of this cultural venue, but with tax contributions previously committed to the state government, says Carlos Alberto Rojo Macedo, CEO of Grupo Financiero Interacciones (GFI).

Great Mayan World Museum (Photo: Google)

Great Mayan World Museum (Photo: Google)

This institution gave a loan to the company Promotora de Cultura Yaxché for the construction and management of the museum for 21 years, through a Project of Provision of Services (PPS), arranged under the government of Ivonne Ortega Pacheco.

“The quantity of visitors and the rent of its facilities is not the source of payment for the credits that we gave for that museum. The payment comes from an additional source, beyond their income, which are not actually so high.” explains the manager.

The case of the museum is clearly the same as many other public infrastructure projects, which are not self-financing and require non-refundable contributions. Otherwise those projects, which have social profitability, but not financial for the private sector, would never have been built.

Without this scheme, “nobody would invest in the culture of a country because cultural projects cannot technically finance themselves.” said Hernán Casares Cámara.

“Not everyone with a taste for art has enough income to pay for their consumption and, on the other hand, we know that there is a social objective, let’s say of high value, in the sense that humans consume culture, but at fairly high prices, low or almost free. This is the situation in which the consumption of culture in the world is. “

In relation to the Great Mayan World Museum, Carlos Alberto Rojo Macedo, CEO of Grupo Financiero Interacciones, states that “the most important thing about this kind of projects is to ensure that the services they provide continue to be given every day and in very long terms”.

When asked if Grupo Financiero Interacciones has difficulty charging for the museum’s debt, the manager said that “everything is in order”.




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