Published On: Thu, Apr 13th, 2023

Specialized adapted bicycle was stolen from Paralympic athlete Omar Echeverría in Playa del Carmen

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The Paralympic athlete from Playa del Carmen who represented Mexico in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Omar Echeverría, had one of his special bicycles stolen.

The unfortunate event was announced on Monday, April 11th, and he asked the public to help him recover his sports equipment, which only he can use. It is a special bicycle that has a value of around 30,000 pesos and was acquired with the support of the Zamná Foundation.

“Yesterday, I realized my bike was gone, and I had no choice but to post on social media to see if someone sees it and reports it because it won’t be of much use to someone else. It is a bike that adapts to a wheelchair so it can fit in the chair. The part that was taken is where the motor and manual pedals turn,” Omar Echeverría declared.

Omar represented Mexico in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which were held in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He qualified in the archery discipline, becoming the first athlete from Playa del Carmen and Quintana Roo to participate in the world’s most important sporting event.

Omar’s bicycle is unique: no one else can use it He said that he obtained that bicycle precisely for his full preparation for the Paralympic Games, so it brings back strong memories of his Olympic experience. In addition, he reiterated that no one else can use it since it was acquired exclusively for his sports case.

“If someone pawned it and someone knows where it is, let me know. I’m willing to pay to recover it, and if they want to return it, we’re willing to take it back,” said Omar Echeverría.

Despite this, the Paralympic athlete will continue with his physical and mental preparation to face other national and international competitions with his fellow competitors.

It is worth noting that he mainly trains at the Riviera Maya sports center, where he has perfected a shooting technique that led him to participate in his first Paralympic Games, one of the most significant sports achievements in Playa del Carmen.

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