Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2019

Sorry honey… not tonight, I have a terrible headache

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Having a migraine causes disabilities in people and generates annual losses of around $800 million pesos

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – In Mexico, only three out of ten people who suffer from migraine receive treatment for their illness, which is among the ten most incapacitating afflictions in our country, generating annual productivity losses of up to 800 million pesos in Mexico. The figure is equivalent to a loss of more than 4 thousand pesos per minute.

Twenty-four percent of those who suffer migraine lose their jobs because of this medical condition that affects 20 million people in Mexico, that’s 15 percent of the population. This according to experts gathered in Merida to participate in the seminar “Understanding Migraine” which detailed that, on average, 14 million women and six million men suffer from this condition.

Faced with a migraine episode, it is very common for the patient to be unable to go to school or work. Ninety percent of people report that they cannot work or function with a migraine episode, so personal, family and social activities are lost. Those who suffer from migraine episodes, avoid scheduling appointments or activities, and only return to their normal life until they feel better.

Among the experts who attended the seminar in Merida, were the president of the “Asociación Mexicana de Cefaleas y Migraña” (Mexican Association of Headaches and Migraine) and the president of the “Academia Mexicana de Neurología” (Mexican Academy of Neurology).


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