Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2020

Son of Jean Succar Kuri arrested in Cancun

One of the sons of the businessman of Lebanese origin Jean Succar Kuri, currently imprisoned for crimes of child abuse and child pornography, was arrested in Cancun in possession of several firearms and useful cartridges.

At the time of his capture, he was accompanied by four other people, including a woman from Colombia.

According to the information provided by the authorities, a 5.56 millimeter caliber long gun and two 9 and 3.80 millimeter caliber short weapons were seized.

It could not be established if the capture was carried out in compliance with an arrest warrant or if it occurred as part of a security operation carried out by agents of the Quintana Roo Police in Cancún.

The arrested son of Jean Succar is named Joshua Succar, 27 years old, and who, incidentally, also has American nationality.

In total there were five detainees.

It was specified that both Joshua and his companions were detained in the Tres Reyes neighborhood, municipality of Benito Juarez.

The other detainees were with Rodrigo Leonardo S. W., 26 years old, originally from Mexico City; Guillermo Ricardo W., 27 years old, originally from Mexico City, Juan José S, A., 30 years old, originally from Mexico City, and Carolina B. C., 32 years old, of Colombian nationality.

At the time of the arrest, they had in their possession a 5.56 mm caliber long gun and two 9 and 3.80 mm caliber short weapons, which, as already mentioned, were secured by the police officiers, along with a Grand Cherokee truck and a Nissan Kicks vehicle, both with license plates. from Quintana Roo.

The five detainees were placed at the disposal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), since carrying arms for the exclusive use of the Army is a federal crime.

The Riviera Maya Times Newsroom



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