Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

Slow activity and low sales for the artisans of Tulum during May

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Members of the different artisan shops established in the plaza of the archaeological zone of Tulum maintain very low activity. They assure this is due to the lack of tourism that year after year decreases during the “low season”, explained the microentrepreneur Rufino Hernández.

The merchant also said that the months of May and June are part of a long “low season”. In summer they hope that the national tourism that consumes and buys their products will help to rise up sales.

“During peak season, we have good, but right now we cannot even pay for our most elemental expenses,” remarked the microentrepreneur.

Rufino Hernández pointed out that the businesses established in the Plaza de Artesanía Turística of the archaeological zone of Tulum, keep operating despite the low season, contrary to what happens with the workers of the shops in the town, where they are forced to have breaks, because otherwise they have to give up their only source of income.

Likewise, Rufino Hernández assures that the low sales are due to the presence of irregular businesses established on the federal highways, which offer the product at cheaper prices,  evading taxes, which affects the legally established businesses and that it summarizes as unfair competition for those who are complying with all the legal regulations.

He concluded by saying that in July a rebound in sales is expected, with the start of the summer holidays, but then, low season starts again during the months of September and October.




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