Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Six things you should do in Tulum

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Tags contributor Emily Seigel came up with these recommendations for things to do in Tulum geared to visiting Millennials.

Most Millennials have heard of Tulum, the sizzling hot yoga town 90 minutes south of Cancun. And while its 1,000 year old ruins are worth a visit, it’s not the Mayan influence that inspired a recent 74% increase in tourism. Tulum’s New Age vibe, jungle-shrouded restaurants and white sand beaches have made it Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula hottest spot.


Expect three options when deciding where to stay: Tulum town, Beach Road North and Beach Road South. We recommend avoiding town, which—despite the authentic feel—is a 15-20 minute drive from the water. (Parking can be hard to find.)

Beach Road North has better, although more crowded, beaches and is closer to the ruins, but its large resorts can feel a tad artificial. Beach Road South is the zen zone, with enough vegan restaurants, yoga studios and maxi dress-peddling stores to satisfy everyone’s inner hippie.


You should note, however, that pretty much the entire community is cash only, so, don’t forget your debit card. (American dollars are accepted, but withdraw money in town to avoid exorbitant fees near the beach.)

Here are the six places not to miss if you’re lucky enough to visit this gem:

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