Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

Shelters can handle 20,000 people if a hurricane hits Yucatán

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MERIDA — State Civil Protection official Aarón Palomo Euán explained that in case a hurricane hits Yucatan, about 20,000 people will be able to take refuge in the 1,217 strategic points located in the 106 municipalities.

“We have 50 state shelters strategically distributed for people living on the coast, with a capacity for 10 thousand people. There are people who feel vulnerable and have nowhere to shelter and protect themselves in the arrival of a cyclone”, he said.

Temporal Shelter in Oxkutzcab Photo: Diario La Verdad

Temporal shelter in Oxkutzcab
Photo: Diario La Verdad

Palomo Euán mentioned that a lot of people go to shelters with their relatives, so this is why authorities provide the transportation needed to take them to the nearest one. He explained that all shelters or accommodation centers do not open simultaneously, as it depends primarily on the weather phenomenon’s trajectory, “We are attentive to its direction in order to help anyone affected by it”.

He added that there are also 1,167 medical units that qualify as shelters dispersed in all the municipalities, all coordinated by Civil Protection. These units have a capacity for 10 thousand people; in total there are 1,217 points to accommodate an average of 20 thousand people. Regarding the shelters’ access, he mentioned that people should only register when the area is being evacuated, so priority is given to those that are afflicted. Consequently, he added that all these accommodation centers and shelters are well-equipped and refuges are given food and medications during the tropical cyclone.

SOURCE: Diario La Verdad



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