Published On: Thu, Jun 10th, 2021

Shark caught on video swimming off the beach in Cozumel (VIDEO)

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Cozumel, Quintana Roo, (June 10, 2021).- A Cozumeleño was surprised to see a shark calmly swimming around the shore just a few feet off the beach while snorkeling on the coast of the Mexican Caribbean.

Luis Coca, the bather who recorded the moment, shared it through his Twitter account and mentioned that it may be a Nurse Shark.

Apparently, the animal was injured, as the user could perceive something strange in his body. “See this beauty, apparently she’s hurt … ” says the Cozumeleño.

“Today I was fortunate, I had this beauty by my side for more than 10 minutes .. Gray rays and other colorful fish this morning, it was wonderful!”, Luis Coca concluded in the video.

The Nurse is a shark with a small mouth, with which it sucks its food to grind it later with its curved teeth. It is a generally harmless species.

It is not aggressive and does not represent any danger to man, although if provoked it can attack. When biting, their jaws close tightly and cannot be opened unless forced with graphite or titanium forceps.

The name of Nurse or Catshark is due to the protrusions on its snout, which are reminiscent of the whiskers of felines. They are bluish in color at birth but once they reach adulthood, their skin tone changes to a brownish-brown color.

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